A new year, a new start?

The festivities are over and regardless of whether you had a great time or things were on the less-than-favourable side you need to approach the start of the new year with enthusiasm and excitement. After all, it will help you project a vibrant personality to prospective partners if you have a spring in your step.

You need to consider how you would feel meeting someone who is down in the dumps and less than enthusiastic – I suspect it wouldn’t be an excited reaction. So make sure that you view your prospective dates and life in general with a glass-half-full approach, leaving those that encounter you in no doubt that you’re worth knowing and have a positive outlook on life.

Consider that the past is the past, the future can be shaped to bring you a happier time – despite what you may feel when things had been getting on top of you in the past. Taking small steps to improve your morale will help rather than going for one big assault on it. Getting a new haircut, colouring your hair, a new top can all add little moments of good feeling.

Perhaps it’s time to approach a friend about joining them at their Yoga classes, Swimming sessions or early morning jogging with them – all ways to improve your wellbeing and view of yourself. You don’t necessarily need to be looking to lose weight – you may be perfectly shaped already, but an exposure to occasional exercise will help lighten your mood and help you feel good about yourself – essential if you want to exude that confidence to others.

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